Monday, February 20, 2017
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We accept most major Credit Cards except American Express

Secured application
Orange Show 2017 application
First Name: 
Last Name: 
Street address:
Resale tax id#:
Please list the products you would like to sell:
If you have sold at the N.O.S. Fair before please check the year:
The space size you are requesting:
The number of locations you wish:
If you will be using a trailer please list it's dimensions including the hitch and awnings:
If you have already spoken to a sales team member please list their name:
Credit Card Number:
Exp Date:
CCV Number:
You may charge my card $100.00 deposit and the $50.00 application fee:
*I Will Enter 6 Digits To Represent My Signature To Authorize R.G. Canning Ent. Inc. To Charge My Credit Card For This Order And Represents My Acceptance To All Policies. In signing this application I authorize R.G. Canning Enterprises, Inc. to assign me space for the purpose of selling the approved items. If approved, I agree to follow all of the Rules and Regulations that will be provided to me in the vendors Handbook.

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