Thursday, April 17, 2014
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New and General Merchandise 

(Brown) Area 

Prices and information..

Apricot Area—Card Table Only Spaces. ($35.00)

This area is good for vendors with a very small amount of merchandise to sell. All merchandise must be placed on a CARD TABLE with nothing for sale to be placed on the ground. 

1. Apricot Spaces are Table Only Spaces. Table size 3’ x 3‘ (6’ tables not permitted)

2. The spaces are for products only no services will be allowed in this area.

3. The space size is 5’ Frontage x 7’ Deep, enough room for a card table, chair and optional small umbrella if you chose to bring one.

4. All merchandise for sale must be placed on a card table to sell. You will not be permitted to use back walls, side walls, clothing racks, stands or anything that does not remain on a table.

5. Apricot spaces are all Hand Carry In. That means you will need to park your vehicle first then either hand carry your merchandise from your vehicle after you park in the parking lot or use a cart that you would have to unload the merchandise to your selling space. You will not be permitted to drive your vehicle in to the event or unload any of your merchandise at any of our vendor move in gates, or loading zone areas.

6. You may park in either the Vendor Parking Lot which is located in parking Lot D, space permitting, or you can park in Parking Lot H. Which is the large grass parking lot.

7. Your ticket may be voided if any of the rules and regulations are not followed for the Apricot Area.

8. Only ONE space may be purchased in the Apricot Area.

9. The Metal Barricades surrounding your selling space may not be moved.

10. Electricity is not available in the Apricot Area

11. Your space location will be assigned by our staff the morning of the event.

12. Only two (2) persons are permitted in per selling ticket, and all persons must arrive at the same time to gain admission. If there are more then 2 people and/or the persons arrives after you have arrived they will have to purchase admission tickets.

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