Thursday, March 26, 2015
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New Merchandise 
(Blue) Area
Prices and information..

Blue AreaFront Portion of the Rose Bowl Stadium ($195.00-$250.00)



High Traffic Front Portion of the stadium in Area 200 (Minimum Bid $250.00)


Space size(s) in area 200 are as follows. 10’ frontage x 25’ Deep (unless otherwise noted on your sellers ticket) this area is very heavily traveled with customers and spaces in this area are sold by Auctioning them off. You may place a bid on space numbers in area 200 minimum starting bids is $250.00 with $50 increases if you are outbid. **Example: someone bids $250 for space xyz if you would like space xyz then your next bid amount would be $300.00 and increase by $50.00 each time you would need to bid against someone else.**


Spaces located in area 400 ($195.00)


Space size(s) in area 400 are as follows. 10’ Frontage x 25’ Deep (unless otherwise noted on your selling ticket)



Permanent Vendor Information for the Blue Area

To obtain a permanent space which is the same space each month at the Rose Bowl Flea Market, you will need to purchase and maintain 3 months of selling spaces in advance as well as purchase a vendor I.D. card which is updated annually for $10.


Example. To initially qualify for the permanent space discount and you wanted to start in January. You would purchase January, February and March tickets. When January comes then you would need to purchase Aprils tickets, and when February comes you will need to purchase May’s tickets. Always maintaining 3 unused tickets at all times.


Permanent space prices for the Blue Area are ($120.00)

The space locations available in the blue area that qualify for the permanent vendor discount are in area 400.


Spaces located in area 200 do not qualify for the permanent vendor discount.

The cost to qualify for the permanent vendor discount would be purchasing the 3 months in advance (3 months at $120.00 a month = $360.00) plus the annual vendor ID card ($10.00) Total of $370.00.


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