Tuesday, May 26, 2015
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New & General Merchandise 
(Yellow) Area 
Prices and information..

Yellow Area-High Traffic Selling Spaces Located at the Main Entrance (Minimum Bid $210.00)


Space size in this area are 10’ frontage x 10’ Deep. (NO VEHICLE) which means you may pull your car in to unload then remove your vehicle to the vendor parking lot which is located in parking lot D.


Spaces in the Yellow Main Entrance area are sold as auction spaces with the minimum bid on spaces starting at $210.00. With bid increments increasing $50.00 for each bid made. EXAMPLE: Customer bids on space xyz at $210.00 and you and another customer are both bidding for space xyz so the next bid amount would need to be $260.00 and any subsequent bids would need to be increased by $50.00.



Yellow Area (Plaza Area) ($50-$75.00)


Spaces in the Yellow Plaza area are located BEHIND the Yellow Entrance area. They are in an area leading up to the Stadium View Area (Please see map on our website to familiarize yourself with the area)

Space size and price for Yellow Plaza area are. 20’ frontage x 20’ deep. Priced at $75.00

Space size and price for Yellow Plaza area 20’ Frontage x 10’ Deep NO VEHICLE which means you can pull up to unload your merchandise then remove your vehicle to the vendor parking lot located in Parking Lot D Priced at $50.00

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