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Customer Service

Frequently Asked Questions


Q- Are there stroller or wheelchair rentals available?

A- No, there are none available.

Q- Are there ATM machines available?

A- Yes, just off to the side out front of the box office.


Q-Are pets allowed?

A- No, please leave your pets at home.


Q- Do you have a senior discount for admission?

A- We do not offer admission discounts unless we have an advertised special promotion

Q- Are children admitted free admission?

A- Children under 12 with an adult are free.

Q- Do you offer group admission discounts?

A- Yes, only to tour groups of 20 or more with advance notification.

Q- Is there a charge for parking?

A- There is plenty of free parking as well as paid preferred parking.


Q- Do you have to have a resale number to sell?

A- You can sell twice within a 12-month period without one.  You would then be

     Required to have one to continue selling.

Q- Can sellers line up and spend the night prior to event?

A- No, the city will not allow any vehicles to line up prior to 1am on day of event.

Q- How many people can get into the event with a sellers ticket?

A- A total of 4 people can go in on a sellers ticket, but they must come in with the

     vehicle as it enters the gate in the morning.


Q- Is electricity available in vendor space?

A- Generally not, however there are a few locations that you may be able to find power.

      Ask your sales associate when purchasing space.

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